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"Full Moon" Mini Box

"Full Moon" Mini Box

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I'm happy to introduce a new Full Moon-themed Witchy Mini-Box.

It is ideal for those who want to follow the moon cycle in a simple way, with decorations for your notebooks and a kit to perform a spell.

You don't need to have any knowledge and practice in witchcraft to enjoy this mini box. It is accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy the moon cycle!

Included in the mini box:
- An illustration about the Full Moon
- A Moon phases illustration
- A "Moon Phases" sticker's sheet
- A "Moon Water" wooden pin
- A Mini Tumbled Stone "Labradorite"
- A kit to make a bath/shower ritual

The production is entirely artisanal
The products are printed and cut by me in my workshop.
Small imperfections can sometimes appear during printing and/or cutting.

Original illustration by "LittlesOtters"
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