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"Crystals" Illustration

"Crystals" Illustration

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Throughout the different eras and civilizations, men have worshiped stones of small size (moss stones, smooth pebbles rolled by the sea, stones of lightning, gems considered in many traditions as stars fallen from the sky) or of large size ( megaliths...) to which they attribute, as supports of the magical mentality, beneficial powers, and invest in them a sacred character.

(source: Wikipédia)

A6: 11 x 14.8cm
A5: 14.8 x 21cm

Printed on 250gsm Fine Art watercolor paper

The production is entirely artisanal
The products are printed and cut by me in my studio.
Small imperfections may sometimes appear during printing and/or cutting.

Original illustration by "LittlesOtters"/FroggiesTN

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